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How do I become eligible?

Whether you are new to medical cannabis or an experienced patient, this section has everything you need to know about Who is Eligible for medical cannabis and how to obtain a medical cannabis prescription from speaking with your doctor or a physician within our clinic.
You will learn how different Cannabis Varieties and strains work to alleviate a wide variety of medical symptoms at different times of the day. We have great information on the many healthy ways of using cannabis other than smoking.

100% Legal

We also cover where to purchase 100% legal medical cannabis in Canada through a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer. By registering with one of the approved Licensed Producers, you will receive your medical cannabis prescription delivered to your door.
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Our Doctors

Our doctors are reliable and experienced. They are professionals that understand the benefits of the products we provide and they will always recommend what is good for you.

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    Great service right off the bat with a helpful hand in what I needed at the same time as a great conversation! This is definitely a store to go check out and make your daily dispensary.
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    Great deals, great service and chill environment! definitely would recommend, even if it's just to visit!
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    Very well informed. Super friendly staff. Excellent prices. Extremely helpful getting my prescription. You guys rock!!!
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    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff! Swing by and inform yourself.
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    The were such a great help for me to finally get my prescription of CBD oil! Thank you so much!
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